The Real Dairy, Dairy Alternative


The nutritional profile of sheep’s milk exceeds other milk sources in several areas containing notably higher levels of protein, calcium, iron, foliate, vitamins A, B group, C, D & E than both goat & cow’s milk. Many doctors and dieticians now recommend sheep milk as a healthy and nutritious alternative to cow’s milk.


Due to its smaller fat globules, sheep’s milk also ranks highly with ease of digestion and is well tolerated by consumers with bovine dairy digestion issues. There is also evidence that the lactose in sheep milk is more readily tolerated and easier to digest than other milk. Studies recommend replacing cow milk with sheep milk to aid the treatment of these and other related problems.


Sheep’s milk contains higher levels of short & medium chain fatty acids which are used directly as energy in humans instead of being deposited as fat as with longer chain fats. These mono and poly unsaturated fats can also limit, lower or inhibit cholesterol deposition.


All of this combined with the fact that sheep milk is “real” dairy, gives sheep milk an advantage over plant based dairy alternatives that lack the flavor of real dairy. Sheep milk and sheep milk products are actually more flavorful than cow’s milk.


Given the high solids content of sheep’s milk, it lends itself particularly well to cheese and yogurt making. Some world famous cheeses include Feta, Halloumi, Pecorino, and Manchego along with the world famous Greek style yogurt which is made traditionally with sheep’s milk.




I recently gave a friend, who loves dairy products, but unfortunately has a lactose intolerance problem, some of your cheese and yogurt. Reluctantly, she ate them and experienced none of the usual symptoms she experiences with cow’s milk. Being skeptical she thought perhaps she no longer had a lactose intolerance problem and put some cow’s milk sour cream on her baked potato which proved to be a mistake as she became very sick. Thank you for providing these wonderful alternative dairy products for people like my friend. And how about sheep milk sour cream?


Karen T.


These are probably the finest sheep milk products on the market today. Once you start eating them, you just cannot stop.


Bob B.



I was skeptical because I have had goats milk cheese and found the goat flavor offensive. These cheeses were a pleasant surprise, no goaty flavor what so ever.


Joyce P.



Your yogurt is by far better than the finest Greek style yogurt I have had. I cannot believe how firm, creamy and smooth it is. The depth of flavor is amazing.


Scott M.



I never knew that butter could be made from sheep milk. I tried the Shepherdess butter and was immediately taken back to the days of my childhood eating fresh butter on saltine crackers. Your butter tastes like butter used to taste. I never noticed a difference before and now I am spoiled!


Victor S.



What a treat!!! it was delicious, aged to perfection, it smelled like ewe cheese should. My grandfather would have highly approved!!! My grandfather was a sheepherder from the Pyrenees. He made cheese as it was the custom that only men made cured cheese. The cheese from WSDC confirms what I have said so often that American products of European origin are often as good if not better than what we have coming from Europe. The best cheese I ever had, and I have had cheese in lots of places in the world. I will raise a toast, to Wisconsin.


Monique B.



Seven years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The medication I take has taken a toll and my liver and kidney function needs to be monitored. About a year ago I began drinking 12 ounces of sheep milk every day and enjoying sheep milk cheese and yogurt. At my last check up, my doctor told me my blood work showed my organ functions had improved and she noted that I had the blood work of a 20 year old. She asked what I was doing differently and the only thing different was adding sheep milk to my diet.


Steve Z.



With high nutrition and great flavor, sheep milk just might be nature’s most perfect food!



Sheep Milk and Sheep Milk dairy products produced by the small family farms of the Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative.

WSDC Profile


The Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative is a premier maker of artisanal sheep milk cheese, specialty sheep milk cheese, yogurt and butter. WSDC is also the single largest source of high quality sheep milk for dairy plants in the United States. Comprised of 8 family farms, the WSDC ships sheep milk and dairy products as far east as New York State and as far west as California. WSDC has the most stringent quality standards in the industry and a commitment to supply the highest quality products to consumers




The business of the WSDC will be conducted by individual members and the cooperative with respect, integrity and sincere consideration for our members and their families, our customers and suppliers, our communities, our animals, and our land. We believe this will establish industry standards for promoting highly-valued sheep dairy products.




The mission of the Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative (WSDC) is to enhance the quality of life for co-op member families by sustainably producing and marketing premium sheep dairy products.




Dante honored at 2006 -2011 American Cheese Society Awards and in U.S. Championship Cheese Contest

Mona honored at the 2007, 08 and 09 American Cheese Society Awards.

Dante Lamb honored at 2008 American Cheese Society Conference awards.