Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative is a farm-to-table cooperative located in Northern Wisconsin. The farmer members raise and milk sheep on sustainable family farms. As the single largest source of high-quality sheep milk for dairy plants in the United States, we are the premier makers of sheep dairy products, such as artisanal and speciality sheep milk cheeses, yogurt, and butter.

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Since the foray into cheese making, the Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative has added a number of regular varieties of cheese to the inventory. WSDC also creates several limited edition artisan varieties each year!

Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative produces a limited amount of sheep milk butter and sheep milk yogurt seasonally. Both products are in high demand when available.

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Dedicated to Family Farms

We are dedicated to preserving the sustainable family farm culture, furthering sheep dairy opportunities for families, and providing wholesome healthy and great tasting sheep dairy products for you.

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